Edge Fishing Products has a proud heritage going back over three decades.

The original design and rod products were the inspiration of Bud Erhardt -- shown in the picture


Bud Erhardt and Jo, his wife, were the developers of Erhardt Fishing Sticks and latter the Fishin Edge rods.

Bud was a long time fisherman...

  • He was a charter member of the Fishing Hall of Fame
  • He had fishing stories that were almost unbelievable -- except they are true
  • He was a professional guide who enjoyed teaching generations of clients how to catch more fish
  • And the secret truth is Jo, his wife, often caught more fish than Bud

 He designed and developed his line of rods based on his vast experience.


Bud passed in the fall of 2009 and Jo sold the business to me.   



 My name is Steve Serio

  • I have sold Fishin' Edge Rods for over a decade at trade shows in most large cities.
  • I am a professional bass fisherman - active since the late 1970s. 
  • I have used Fishin' Edge Rods professionally as a bass fisherman. 

    I have won many big bass tournaments over the years using Fishin' Edge rods.   
  • I qualified twice in the National SuperStar Classic
  • I am a frequent lecturer at trade shows and special seminars
  • I have taken over the Fishin' Edge rod business and  attend many trade shows to sell these rods
  • The same rods are available over the Internet
  • I have designed a special line of lures that will be introduced in the future.
  • My former 'day job' was that of a fire fighter, EMS paramedic and arson investigator.


The message here is that we are knowledgeable professionals who use this equipment and enjoy helping others to improved fishing success. 

All prices are subject to change with out notice.

Email: edgefishing@comcast.net | Successor to BUD ERHARDT FISHIN STICKS