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We do not have online ordering.  If you are absolutely certain of what you want then print out the order form and mail it to us. 

However, a rod is a substantial investment of your money and your time.  We want to make sure you are getting what you need.  After you have picked out the rods you think you want, call us to chat about it. 


We enjoy chatting with our customers --  please do not hesitate to call us!!


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Packing & Shipping

All rods are packed in sturdy PVC tubing so they arrive at your destination unharmed.  The packing charge is separate from and additional to the actual shipping charges. 

We use Fed X for all shipments.  After your order is packed we weigh it and determine the shipping charge.  We only charge for the actual shipping amount

Packing Charges

Rods - 6 foot and under

1 Rod -- $5

2 Rods -- $6

3 Rods -- $7

Add $1 more for each additional rod

All Rods have a One Year Limited Warranty

Rods - 6 foot and over

1 Rod -- $6.50

2 Rods -- $7.50

3 Rods -- $8.50

Add $1 more for each additional rod



Mail Order To:

Edge Fishing Products

P.O. Box 187

Wonder Lake, IL  60097

All prices are subject to change with out notice.

Email: edgefishing@comcast.net | Successor to BUD ERHARDT FISHIN STICKS